About us



Dar es salaam School of Journalism (DSJ) was established in 1998 and was registered by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) on the 3rd April, 2006 hearing registration number REG/PWF/012P. DSJ is located at Ilala, Sharif Shamba area, Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

DSJ is registered under TNSL which is a company limited by shares which was registered in terms of the Company ACT (cp 212) of the united republic of Tanzania. DSJ is therefore answerable to the Board of Directors of TNSL and the TNSL Board of Directors is responsible for the attainment and implementation of the vision and mission of DSJ as stipulated in this prospectus.

However the day to day management and administration of DSJ is vested in the Principal who is supported by the staff of the institution. DSJ strives to ensure that all its training programs, teaching and research are of the highest quality possible and relevant to the society. DSJ provides qualification, which gives graduates advantage in job market. Our courses carry national and international credentials, since it was started. Now the school ranks among the most reputable journalism training institution in this country.

With the establishment of  Union of Training Institutions (UTI) in 2016, DSJ has joined other sister colleges under the same umbrella, and it operates in adherence to its Motto: Media for Democracy.


DSJ aspires to be a centre of excellence and the best choice for those who dream to be experts in the field of communication and technology.



DSJ is dedicated to provide exceptional educational opportunities for Tanzanians and non-Tanzanians to gain knowledge, wisdom and aspirations through delivering professional programmes in the field of communication and technology.