ICT Studies

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department aims at imparting technological knowledge to students because it is necessary and part of learning so that students can fit to the modern world. Therefore, under the supervision of ICT experts all students are assured to receive computing skills.

This Department is responsible for provision of trainings in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and other programmes related to it such as Cloud Computing, Computer Programming, Website Design and Development, Mobile App Development etc.

Programmes taught by this department are in different levels among of which are:

  • Basic Technician Certificate;
  • Technician Certificate;
  • Ordinary Diploma; and
  • Short Courses for four (4) weeks to four (4) months.

On top of that, we will teach you on how to communicate by using Computers and related devices. Also we will provide you with knowledge and skills on how to use and maintaining the computer.