Course: Diploma In Journalism
Diploma in Journalism

Diploma in Journalism

TSHS. 1,229,500.00
FEES : TSHS. 1,229,500.00

Diploma in Journalism

This programme allows one to join University for Bachelor Degree in other programmes related to Journalism. Such programs are Journalism itself, Mass Communication, Public Relations, Marketing, Human Resources, Social Work, Community Development, Political Science, International Relations, Advertising, etc.



The Diploma Programme in Journalism includes media ethics, broadcasting, feature and sports writing, photojournalism, online journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, cross cutting issues like HIV/AIDS, environment, gender, entrepreneurship and democracy, supervisory studies, editing and writing techniques, and investigative skills for exploring some complex journalistic subjects. The purpose of including these studies in the level is two-fold.  First, to equip the learners with skills that will help them take up middle level managerial tasks in the media industry.  Second, to provide learners with skills that enable them to undertake analysis, writing and editing of multifarious media issues. 



The aim of the Diploma Programme is to equip the candidates with requisite knowledge and skills that will enable them to perform semi-managerial and non-routine tasks in the media industry.



The main objective of Diploma Programme in Journalism is to develop capability for the learners to apply generic competencies in assisting in managing news rooms and studios, write and analyse issues, and edit media material for both print and electronic media.


Minimum entry requirement / Eligibility

The Applicant must have completed form VI (ACSEE) with at least one (1) Principal and one (1) Subsidiary, or one must have pursued a Certificate in Journalism or related programme with at least a GPA of 2.0 from a Government recognised Institution.