Course: Certificate In Marketing And Public Relations
FEES : TSHS. 750,000.00

Certificate in Marketing and Public Relations

It is a one year course that after its completion allows one to join Diploma in Marketing and Public Relations.




The Certificate in Marketing and Public Relations includes basics of business communication, elements of marketing, elementary business mathematics, customer care and ethics, elements of public relations, elements of sales management, basic commercial knowledge, office practise and records management, basics of computer applications and basics of entrepreneurship.




The aim of this programme is to equip the candidates with requisite knowledge and skills that will enable them perform mostly routine tasks. This one year programme is intended to train students in basic techniques of broadcasting, news reporting and public relations as well as attaining basic knowledge in advertisement, marketing and media technologies.



  1. To train students in public relations so that they become able to enhance companies reputation. 
  2. To instil students with the knowledge or organization and planning skills.
  3. To train students in realm of the art of advertisement. 
  4. To provide students with knowledge of marketing and media technologies.
  5. To impart management knowledge to students.

Minimum entry requirement / Eligibility


The Applicants must have completed form IV (CSEE) with at least four passes (D) OR Applicants with relevant NVA3 qualifications but also possess at least a form four education qualification.